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Apply For A Grant

How To Apply

Deadline Complete


The Mountain Lakes Foundation accepts applications for grants that support enrichment opportunities for the Mountain Lakes community. Award areas include, but are not limited to, technology, science, the arts, health & safety and recreation.

Who Can Apply?

Everyone in the Mountain Lakes School District community, including all residents, administrative personnel, faculty and staff are invited to apply.


Application Process

To apply for a grant, you please complete the form that tells the MLEF the purpose of your grant, your role in the project, who it will benefit, and how much you are requesting.

Standard Grant Form


Micro Grant Form


Deadline complete.  We will not be accepting any more applications.


When Will I Hear Back?

Decisions will be made approximately June 1, 2024. 


Get Involved At Our Events

The Mountain Lakes Educational Foundation is always looking for volunteers to assist in our fundraising efforts. Join us for an event!

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