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Thank you to our corporate sponsors!!!

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  1. $850 to Maria Gonzalez, Teacher, for a 3D Printer + filament for the LD Arts Department.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Fundraisers & Community Gatherings

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

  1. $1500 to the ML Makerspace at the ML Public Library for a wide-format printer for posters and for display purposes

Montain Lakes Educational Foundation Logo

Congratulations to our 2022-2023

 Micro-Grant Winners 


  1. Portable sinks ($750), Teresa Fiorina, Teacher

  2. Environmental Science Lab Equipment ($400), David Sica, Teacher

  3. American Computer Science League ($710), Stephanie Baier, Teacher

  4. Film Art Lighting System ($462), Patrick Jax Butler, Teacher

  5. Pocket Constitutions ($159), Mark Hoffman, Teacher

  6. ASL Video Library ($400), Suzanne Alese, Teacher

  7. In-class libraries ($750) to Tania Siebert, Alexis Urriola & Kerriann Ecklund, Teachers

  8. Edulastic/EdPuzzle ($350) to Gisele Gomes, Teacher

Lake Drive

  1. Gym Equipment ($450), Anthony Carangelo, Teacher

  2. Literacy for Everyone ($749), Barbara Supple, Teacher

  3. ASL Video Library ($400), Susane Alese, Teacher


  1. Math Glow Day ($250), Christina Doolittle, Teacher

  2. Special Ed Alternative Seating ($376), Kaitlin Platt, Teacher

  3. For the Love of Reading ($750), Jennifer Peifly, Teacher

  4. 7th garage science goggles ($100), Danielle Peterson, Teacher

  5. Drums & Music ($750), Ryan Price, Teacher

  6. 8th Grade Math Activities ($200), Michele Major, Teacher

  7. Robotics Field Set ($683), Bethany DeWalt, Teacher 


  1. STEAM for Kindergarten ($750), Rebecca Santana, Teacher

  2. World Language Expansion ($675), Melissa Dunn, Teacher

  3. Rocalingua for Language ($250), Melissa Dunn, Teacher

Congratulations to our 2022-2023

 Standard Grant Winners 


  1. $35,477 to Rick Mangili, Principal, for the MLHS Cafeteria Courtyard/Atrium outfitting and enhancement.

  2. $7,475 to Cara Pagan, Student Assistance Counselor, to outfit the MLHS Wellness Room.

  3. $4,000 to Christopher Wallace, Teacher, for Chemistry Probewear.

  4. $784 to Sarah Adams, Teacher, for AP Art Portfolio Materials & Exhibit Displays. 

Lake Drive


  1. $10,281 to Dr. Azar, Principal and Mrs. Fleming, School Counselor, for 16 K-2 (and specials classrooms) Zen Zones. No ipads.

  2. $2,285 to Ceri Daly, Teacher,  two Microsoft SurfacePros + pens + special chargers to use in special education, with a special focus on the needs of dyslexic students.

ML Makerspace

MLEF grants are critical to providing enriched learning opportunities that fall outside of the regular curriculum and budgetary constraints of our school district.

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