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Thank you for a great year!!!

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Congratulations to our 2024-2025

 Micro-Grant Winners 


  1. Pocket ConstitutionS ($160), Mark Hoffman, Teacher

  2. VETEK Video Camera 8k Camcorder ($150), Patrick Jax Butler, Teacher

  3. Probes to Support All Biological and Environmental Science Classes ($961), Gioia Degenaars, Teacher

  4. KitchenAid Mixers ($999), Teresa Fiorina, Teacher

  5. CSI Forensics Kit, Molecular Ladder to Freedom Kit, What's in the Trunk?, Oxygen Pulse Ocimeters, Blood Pressure Cuffs, and Investigating Inerations of Mucles and Bones Kit ($950), David Sica, Teacher

  6. In-Class Library ($150), Tania Seibert, Teacher

  7. Human-to-Human Interface ($952), Diane Geveke, Teacher


  1. Grade-Level Set of the Novel "Esperanza Rising" ($500), Nicole McNeill, Teacher

  2. Magna-Tiles for Kindergarten ($480), Cheryl Nakashian, Teacher

  3. Portable Microphone System ($650), Nicole Olearchik, Teacher

  4. Hard Wood Blocks for Kindergarten ($150), Cheryl Nakashian, Teacher

  5. Kit for Math Manipulatives K-5th ($999), Amal Hussein, Teacher


  1. Replacement Rock Kits ($570), Mark Walters, Teacher

  2. IPad for Briarcliff Musical Rehearsals ($900), Melissa Pecarific, Teacher

  3. Garment Bags and Rolling Racks ($500), Brianna Boehm, Teacher

  4. Standing Desks ($800), Brianna Boehm, Teacher

  5. Interactive Lessons for 6th Grade Math ($400), Christina Doolittle, Teacher

  6. AI Program - D-iD to Create Characters from History ($191), Erik Lih, Teacher

  7. Add New Books to 6th Grade Class Collection ($600), Jen Peifly, Teacher

  8. Escape Room Kit ($400), Michelle Major, Teacher

Lake Drive/Ivy Hall Preschool

  1. Sensory Light Table with Bin and Sensory Play Materials ($900), Sarah Valvano, Teacher

Congratulations to our 2024-2025

 Standard Grant Winners 


District Wide

  1. Teacher Pack of 10 T1 Graphing Calculators ($1,126.50), Samantha Fucarino, Teacher

  2. MiniOne Electrophoresis System Classroom Package of 10 Lab Set ($4,383.25), John Scancarella and David Sica, Teachers

  3. DECA Study Materials ($3,600), Paul Sidhu, Teacher

  1. Respondus - LockDown Browser for Briarcliff and MLHS ($2,995), David Santos, Director of Information Technology


  1. 20 Chromebooks and 4 Tech Tubs for Kindergarten ($4,896), First Grade Teachers

  2. Two Spotlights for the Wildwood Stage ($1,359.98), Nicoe Olearchik, Teacher

  3. Updated Books for Books Bin in two 4th Grade Classrooms ($1,000), Amy Lorber, Teacher

  4. Subscription to BookFix for K-3rd ($1,400), Cheryl Nakashian, Teacher

  5. 12 Chromebooks for K-2nd S.T.E.M. ($3,649.88), Megan McCarthy, Teacher


  1. Emergency "Go Bag" for Briarcliff Staff ($2,200), Erik Carlson, Administrator

  2. Art Display Boards ($6,602.23), Kelly Boguez, Teacher

  3. Art File Cabinet ($4,965.50), Kelly Boguez, Teacher

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