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Thank you for a great year!!!

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Congratulations to our 2023-2024

 Micro-Grant Winners 


  1. Stainless Steel Crucibles ($987), Christopher Wallace, Teacher

  2. Build-a-House Kit ($800), Kenneth White, Teacher

  3. Classroom TV ($785), Teresa Fiorina, Teacher

  4. In-Class Library ($400), Tania Seibert, Teacher

  5. Pocket Constitutions ($160), Mark Hoffman, Teacher

  6. The Writer's Circle Workshop ($300), Keriann Eklund, Teacher

  7. DECA Principles ($295), Paul Sidu, Teacher

  8. Science Lab Materials ($525), Kristen Gates, Teacher

Lake Drive/Ivy Hall Preschool

  1. Puppet Theater ($129), Dalyn Venezlano, Teacher

  2. Scooters ($688), Anthony Carangelo, Teacher

  3. Spice for Life ($425), Elizabeth Niewood, Teacher


  1. Gaming Through Time ($750), Eric Lih, Teacher

  2. In-Class Library ($400), Jen Pelfly, Teacher

  3. PARSE ($600), Stephanie Baler and Bethany deWalt, Teachers, Briarcliff/WW

  4. Science & Math Labs for Everyone ($875), Michelle Lawrey, Teacher, Briarcliff/Lake Drive


  1. How Does Your Garden Grow ($500), Gigi Lax, Teacher

  2. Butterfly Garden ($500), Annie Peters & Erin McQuillan, Community Members

District Wide

  1. Disc Golf ($625), Kevin Wallace, Teacher

Congratulations to our 2023-2024

 Standard Grant Winners 


Lake Drive/District Wide

  1. $20,000 to Dave Santos, Teacher, outfit a Virtual Reality Classroom

  2. $4,000 to Dave Sica, Teacher, Crime Scene Mannequins

  3. $3,000 to Lisa Cortese and Gioia DeGenaars, Teachers, Microscopes

  4. $3,000 to Rick Mangili, Principal MLHS, The Admissions Game

  1. $4,000 Jennifer Distell, Teacher, Special Education Speech Program

  2. $1,000 to Anthony Carangelo, Teacher, Aerobic Physical Education Mats

  3. $7,450 to Dave Santos, ML BOE, Documents Cameras (one for each building)


  1. $4,000 Dennis Posner and Trish Fagan, Teachers Wildwood/Briarcliff, E-Library

  2. $5,328 to Yvonne Ciresi, Teacher, Professional Development Library


  1. $6,000 to Kevin Wallace and Jennifer Suarez, Teachers MLHS/Briarcliff, Heart Rate Monitors

  2. $1,520 to Ryan Price, Teacher, A.V. Equipment

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MLEF grants are critical to providing enriched learning opportunities that fall outside of the regular curriculum and budgetary constraints of our school district.

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